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All Techno – Lenovo Yoga Book comes with an interesting look. Unlike most Android tablets, this tablet directly connects his judi domino online keyboard with the screen. Both are connected by a hinge that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Thus, between the screen and keyboard can be folded in various modes. This is in line with other Lenovo Yoga devices.

Interestingly, the keyboard part of Lenovo Yoga Book can be used for typing as well as drawing. When it will be used for typing, the keyboard will glow showing the usual rows of buttons. This keyboard is called Halo Keyboard. This keyboard does not use mechanical keys like the keyboard in general. But a touch-sensitive flat surface.

Lenovo Yoga Book Must Activate CreatePad

When used to draw, the user must activate the CreatePad mode. Thus, the area that previously contains the keyboard button will die and switch to the image area. Users can draw on CreatePad using the stylus that has been provided with the device.

In addition to the stylus, users can also directly place the paper above CreatePad to draw. To draw on paper, the contents of the stylus should be replaced first with regular ink. Lenovo already provides ink and paper pen contents in the purchase package. This Lenovo built-in paper is already customized to the size of CreatePad.

The binding paper in this book is not a special paper. Thus, if the paper runs out the user can use any paper as his successor.

Another way to draw over Lenovo Yoga Book is by drawing directly on the screen. This method is quite common done in various tablet devices. Users can draw with the stylus provided. But, Lenovo also gave the option to draw without a stylus. Users can draw with pens, pencils, to nails.

However, in order to do so, the user must first enable the AnyPen feature in the settings section.

After our review, the ability of this tablet to explore the creativity of the graphics is quite interesting. Because, when compared with Samsung Galaxy Tab, this tablet has a response and better features. However, his experience remains difficult to compare with professional graphics tools such as Wacom.